Friday, August 10, 2012

The Loving Couple

By Virginia Rowans aka Patrick Dennis (author of Auntie Mame)

Being a modest gay man possessing flawless literary tastes, I adore anything written by the late gay author, Patrick Dennis. This early novel of his written under the pseudonym of Virginia Rowans details an argument by a young married couple. The events of the entire book takes place in the space of one exceedingly long day.

I like to think I’m fairly well read but I have to be honest and tell you that no book has ever sent me running to my dictionary so often to look up the definitions of words as much as The Loving Couple. Historically, it was really interesting to experience the type of mid-century chit-chat one would have heard from a member of New York’s literary scene at that time.

Patrick Dennis really pulled out all the stops when he wrote this book and flexed his literary muscles. Yes, there is mucho conceit (and a firm belief in his own genius) behind the writing of The Loving Couple. Patrick Dennis is definitely showing off and trying to “wow” his readers and in my opinion he does succeed in that endeavor.

It took me almost two months to finish this book. The Loving Couple isn’t for everyone and honestly, I didn’t particularly find it to be a fun reading experience but if you’re already a Patrick Dennis fan, you’ll surely enjoy it.

Rating: 7.5

*Note - this book is well out-of-print but if you dig around a bit you can find a copy fairly easily.

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