Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Femme by Marshall Thorton

What a fun, delightful book ! This is the first book I've read by Marshall Thorton and I feel like I've going to be adding his entire back catalog to my TBR pile.

This book deals with something we're all familiar with in the gay community: stereotypes and labels. Lionel is a flamboyant, queeny waiter at a gay bar and Dog is a straight-acting bear that comes in the bar with his gay softball team. You wouldn't think these two would get together, would you ? But, you'd be wrong. Despite enduring some often funny (and cringe-inducing) mishaps trying to figure out how to be together as a couple, Lionel and Dog end up together in the end. Woo Hoo !

So, the lesson learned ? Don't be afraid to date outside your “type”. You just might be surprised at what you find. This is a great, feel-good love story. A++

Rating: 8.0

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