Monday, September 3, 2012

The Palace of Varieties

I’m surprised that this book hasn’t been discovered as the gay Fifty Shades Of Grey yet.  

Yes... folks, it’s just that filthy. I couldn’t read this book in public because (embarrassing so) I kept an erection 99% of time I was reading it. Leave your morals at the door and be prepared for a no-holes-barred, spermy, piss-soaked reading experience you won’t soon forget.

This is the story of hunky, big-dicked Paul Lemoyne who leaves his humble life in a tiny English village for life in the big city (London). It’s 1930, he’s a young, virile man and he’s flat broke and as you might suppose, young Paul does resort to turning tricks and in turn is soon the most celebrated male whore in the city of London for several years. 

If you’re looking for one of those prostitute with a heart-of-gold type of stories, this is not it. Not saying that the main character is a monster or a bad person, but Paul Lemoyne has few redeeming qualities as a human. You will find yourself rooting for him toward the end of the book and hoping he’ll find someone that will love him for him and not just for his huge penis, bottomless arsehole or complete willingness to do absolutely anything when it comes to sex.

James Lear is a pseudonym for author Rupert Smith 
(See my review of Man’s World). 

Rating: 9.0

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