Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When Love Is Not Enough

When Love Is Not Enough


Wade Kelly

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful book. You’ll find yourself cheering them on at times and at other times wanting to pull them to your chest to comfort them as you would with any good friend. I say this because by the end of this book, I felt like I’d known these characters all of my life.

This book deals with the suicide of the Jamie and the effects of his sudden, unexplained death on the two men in his life, Darian and Matt. Starting with the funeral, the story then jumps to the back to the beginning and starts the telling of the events that leads to Jamie’s death. The main issues lying throughout this book are drug abuse, fear of coming out, being promiscuous, fear of commitment, being secretly in love with your best friend and dealing with familial homophobia. There’s something in here that most of us can easily identify with. So, if you want to read a deep, sexy, funny and often sad novel, go download When Love Is Not Enough from one of the usual ebook outlets or buy a physical copy at your friendly neighborhood gay bookstore.

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Rating: 9.0


  1. 'When Love is Not Enough' is a book which is definitely a worthwhile read which I stated in my review at QMO. Wade deserves all the credit he gets. I'm looking forward to reading the upcoming sequels with great anticipation. Good Job, Wade!

  2. I recently got this book and look forward to reading it. Oh and i am Susan65 on Goodreads.