Monday, January 2, 2012

Chasing Seth

I have mixed feelings about this gay shifter novel. While it’s very well written and has many extremely hot sex scenes, I found that the main character (Seth, of course) annoyed the hell out of me. I kept wanting to shake him and tell him to grow a fuckin’ pair.  Seth is a bit on the whiny side and really seems to enjoy playing the “poor me” card over and over. I wondered why Kasey (his hot Native American boyfriend) bothered to chase after him because I think I’d been glad to see the last of him really quick.

I would have really liked to seen more about Seth’s best friend, Nick and Kasey’s brother getting together because their story seems like it has the potential to be infinitely more interesting.

Can’t wait to see what J.R. Lovelace will come up with next. She writes a helluva sex scene, folks.

Total boner city !

Rating: 6.5

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